I dabble in public policy during the day and community organizing at night. I live in Little Portugal/Brockton Village in Toronto and will emphatically tell you why it’s the best part of the city. I’m emotionally invested in all things plants, music, urban affairs, public transit, and public policy. I also have a mean left hook.

One of my favourite pastimes is playing recreational sports with friends, which takes me all over the city. I’ve been playing dodgeball (all year) and curling and softball (seasonally) for 3-4 years. Recreational sports have taken me across Toronto: Jane and Finch softball diamonds, Catholic school gyms in Corso Italia, and High Park curling rink in Roncesvalles. Subsequently, I will talk your ear off on Toronto’s public transit and transportation system (spoiler alert: we could be better).

I completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto in 2010, obtaining a honours B.A. as a joint specialist in History and Political Science, and a minor in English. I studied at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, class of 2012, specializing as an education reporter.

I created this blog during my master’s program in 2011-12, and lost interest in writing (mostly because occupied my time) for several years before re-starting it to talk about my horticulture adventures in Toronto. Feel free to share your green thumb tips and tricks with me.





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