Photo Essay: Motorcross in Rural Country

Be in love with your life, every detail of it. – Jack Kerouac

Recently, I found myself in the opposite world I had been in exactly one year ago: whereas last May, I celebrated my graduation from Columbia University in the heart of New York City, a year later, I sat in a car heading deep into rural Ontario after accepting a spur of the moment invitation to watch motorcross races. As a diehard city person, even the suburbs are too “small town” for me, but I won’t pass up an adventure.

Hours beyond the unmarked suburban-rural divide just north of Toronto, rural Ontario is made up of vast swaths of farm land with few homes and small towns sprinkled in between. The downtown section of towns consist of one main street; mom and pop diners replace the franchise restaurants that litter suburban landscapes; and the long stretches of single lane roads are only busy when urban dwellers make the trip to and from their cottages on summer weekends.

Rural Ontario is also home to motorcross enthusiasts. Motorcrossing – motorized bike races –  is the little league version of Nascar and BMXing. The relationship of rural culture and motorcrossing is fascinating – it’s entertainment for the entire community. Families sit together in their trailers, cheer on their children and husbands, and chat with friends.

In rural Ontario, you work hard, you play hard, you motorcross:


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