Photo Essay: Pieces of Montreal

Aside from my bias affection for Toronto (which has wavered over the past few years, to be honest), Montreal is my favourite Canadian city. It has European charm and 1960s-1970s grit. The subway system is concrete and cold, and looks like a bomb shelter. And the subway cars – well, I’ll stop myself before I start making endless references to their toy-like structure.

But I love Montreal’s character, especially in the winter: the small apartment buildings with winding, colourful staircases covered in snow; the big beautiful blue lanterns on St. Laurent; the crowds of university students who were unfazed by the weather and dressed up on a Saturday night; the hole-in-the-wall diners that serve hot beans to warm your belly; and the street graffiti.

I visited Montreal during an incredibly cold weekend and took some pictures before my fingers froze.

1 comment
  1. patricia said:

    We will have to “do” Montreal together some time, in lieu of a week apart…
    Am so happy you are no longer a student too busy to frequently update her blog 🙂 I think i’m getting e-mails once a week lately!

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