Dear Education Reporters, Don’t Turn to the New York Post for Advice

I normally don’t turn to the New York Post for advice on anything. The Post, true to form, proves why releasing the individual teacher names is not conducive for anyone, teachers, parents, or students.

Ed Wize reports that soon after the teacher evaluation reports were released, the Post harassed a Queens middle school teacher, Pascale Mauclair, who was listed as one of the worst teachers in the city according to the reports. The Post reporters tried to interview Mauclair, her father, and her neighbors. Mauclair had to call the police twice to get rid of the intrusive reporters.

Many critics of the reports believe that data is too flawed to be credible. These reporters should have assessed the quality of the data before making assumptions. I imagine that the reporters would feel the same sort of embarrassment that Mauclair probably feels if they were publicly scrutinized for the quality of their work. Sensational journalism inflicts damage upon real people. You don’t need to go to journalism school to learn that.

When was the last time the Post won any sort of journalism prize?


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