Good Reads


The Washington Post follows up with a new story on Afghanistan’s ‘dancing boys’. PBS made an investigative documentary in 2010.




The New York Times’ William Grimes wrote an article about living in apartments that are located above Manhattan restaurants. I would never live about a restaurant out of fear of rodents and offending smells but I’ve been known to be anal things like that.

I also read this fantastic article by the Times’  Nicholas Schmidle about a serial killer a few days after watching Girl With a Dragon Tattoo. I wonder how Schmidle came across this story.

Sigh, just when I was already feeling guilty about all the crap I ate during the holidays, this made me feel worse. Damn you, Simon Doonan.

Great profile piece by Toronto Star reporter, Katie Daubs, on a young woman who had surgical complications during a difficult pregnancy. The Toronto Star is still behind when it comes to digital reporting, but it’s nice to see Daubs’ video in addition to her well-written article.

Calvin Trillin on how to detect and rate assholes. New York has the best assholes – it’s a hidden treasure for narrative journos.


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