Amnesty International: The XX Factor

“Advance Women’s Rights. Change the World”

Amnesty International is holding a forum on women’s rights at the Ford Foundation today. As you may know from previous postings, I am a strong advocate on covering and advancing women’s rights locally and internationally.

Women’s rights are everyone’s rights.

It’s absurd that economic and political policies can be discussed without the inclusion of women. Women make up half the workforce, not including the unpaid work that they do in the household.

One thing that I would like to quickly point out is that I am disappointed to see the lack of diversity in the audience. It’s frustrating that the women who are most affected by gender violence are the ones who are often not represented in international forums like this one. I am, however, glad that Jimmie Briggs and other panelists discussed this problem and how they’d like to resolve it in the future. Bridging the racial and socio-economic gap when it comes to gender issues and women’s rights is a crucial component in trying to further legitimize the these talks.

While I will continue to blog about women’s rights later on, here are some interesting links to check out:

IPBS recently launched the Women, War and Peace documentary mini-series:

The International Violence Against Women Act!, a bill that is supposed to “create and strengthen US programs to decrease violence and its horrific effects on women and girls.” Amnesty is trying to re-introduce the IVAWA to Congress:

Zainab Salbi helped to create the Women for Women organization, which helps to provide economic support for women who have survived conflicts:

More to come….


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